Word Snooper Poll: Most Zeitgeist-y Portmanteau

Ch-ch-changes. The idea that our world is changing at warp speed in these modern times is nothing new. But now it seems new inventions and new attitudes are bombarding us so rapidly we need a passel of new words – and quick. The creation of new words by mashing up old ones – what linguists call blending and Lewis Carroll fans call portmanteaux – seems to be accelerating

In a recent column Maureen Dowd worries that gender-bending accoutrements like guyliner, mantyhose, manskirts and tears in eyes of Vladmir Putin may mean the end of men.

With unemployment, part-time employment or delusional self-employment (euphemistically known as “freelancing”) on the rise, another sign of the times is the Venti-sipping laptop-tapper toiling away at the coffice (coffee shop/office).

We may not know how to write a bread-and-butter letter any more, but those laptop-tappers emitting missives into the Twitterverse in 140-character packets had better mind their twitterquette if they hope to be retweeted. Tweet unto others as you would have them retweet you.

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2 Responses to Word Snooper Poll: Most Zeitgeist-y Portmanteau

  1. A golden rule for Twitter? I think I’m okay with “Twitterquette” prominence.

    Sam Title
    Chief Executive Cofficer

  2. Wow, Sam. That is golden of you, Mr. Coffice himself, to be okay with Twitterquette’s being ahead in the poll.

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