Send Me Your Blends

Lexie tweets the Word Blend of the Day @wordsnooper. She’s tweeted about “Rominee,” “bananarang,” “blog” and “nerdtastic.” Have you encountered some good word mash-ups or portmanteau words? Comment here and your name may be sent into the Twitterverse.

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2 Responses to Send Me Your Blends

  1. Diane Levine says:

    My favorite is “carmageddon”, a blending of “car” and “Armageddon” used to describe the possible 30 mile traffic jam last summer when the 405 Freeway in West Los Angeles was shut down for the weekend.

  2. Thanks, Diane. That’s a good one. “Carmageddon” did its job. It sounded scary enough to empty the freeway.

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