Show Biz Quiz Results

How did crowdsourcing work to answer the show biz word quiz?

Sitcom: 67% thought it dates from 1954, 33% said 1964. No one thought 1974. Two thirds guessed wrong. One third of participants was correct on the earliest Oxford English Dictionary citation.

Irritainment 100% of participants correctly intuited that this is a relatively new word, dating from 1993.

Dramedy Votes were evenly split among 1905, 1966 and 1992. The earliest year was correct.

Biopic Half the quiz-takers chose the latest year, 1947. Others split evenly between 1914 and 1927. 1947 is correct, even though biopic sounds like something invented by Variety in the silent era.

This poll doesn’t show who gave which answers. Who scored 100%? Pat yourself on the back and post a comment if you did.

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2 Responses to Show Biz Quiz Results

  1. Your examples show that it’s sometimes easy to be fooled, isn’t it? I’ve occasionally been similarly surprised, when browsing an old book, to come across a word or expression that I would have sworn originated much later than the time the book was published.

    That aside, I’ve also sometimes had the experience, when watching a modern movie set in the past, of hearing an expression that I know wasn’t yet in use in that supposed era.

  2. I think most have us have had both of those experiences. Although I’ve been around long enough to notice some anachronisms on Mad Men, I wouldn’t have caught most of these from Downton Abbey:

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