Quiz: 100-Year-Old Words

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, six of the following words and phrases first appeared in print in English in 1914. Can you spot the four that didn’t and tell whether they appeared earlier or later?

La gazette du bon ton, February 1914. Wikimedia Commons
  1. Antivirus. A substance active or effective against viruses.
  2. Atomic bomb. A bomb that derives its destructive power from the sudden release of a large amount of energy by fission of heavy atomic nuclei.
  3. Big screen, the. The screen in a cinema. Hence fig.: motion pictures collectively
  4. Chunnel. A name applied colloq. to a tunnel under the English Channel linking the coasts of England and France
  5. Chute. Colloq. abbrev. of parachute n.
  6. Light speed. The speed of light. Also (hyperbolically): an extremely high speed.
  7. Muckraker. A person who or thing which seeks out and publicizes evidence of corruption and scandal, esp. among powerful or well-known people or institutions; a prurient inquirer into private morals.
  8. Oy vey, Esp. in Jewish usage: expressing grief, horror, or pain; ‘oh pain’, ‘oh woe’.
  9. Suffragette. A woman seeking the right to vote through organized protest.
  10. Talkie, A talking film, as opp. to a silent film.

Answers: https://wordsnooper.com/100-year-old-words-answers

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