Carlo Acutis will be the first milénial saint

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I was called to serve, to find ways to help the less fortunate and to make donations to those who do not want to live, he said. In the months before his death, Carlo used his self-taught digital skills to create a website that archived thousands of people. He also enjoyed playing football and video games.

After his death, Acutis told the Times that people around the world had spoken of thousands of doctors, including infertility and cancer treatments, who showed up after meeting his son.

“Carlo was the bright answer to the dark side of the web,” his mother said, adding that some admirers had called him an “influente de Dios.”

Carlo’s life “can serve to show how the internet can be used for good, to spread good things”, added Acutis.

Charles’ path to canonization began in 2020, after the diocese of Asís, where his family had property, urged the Vatican to recognize him as a saint.

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