Decades of Turkish fans have been trying to force their way into the venue of the Final Four

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The Euroliga Final Four is already a reality, with hundreds of fans gathered at the gates of the Uber Arena in Berlin lists to see the semi-finals. It is important to note that in the German capital no accidents were recorded during the late hours, except for a couple of hours if I took the mecha.

Next came ‘Eurohoops’, around 4pm, decades of Turkish Fenerbahçe fans They attempted to pass through security and enter the stadium without entering, which resulted in riots and riots in the main gate of the enclosure.

Quickly, the German police destroyed the anti-disturbance force units and destroyed the victims. The intervention was paid with to the least three prisonersas the police ransacked the inside of the pabellón up to unos vans policiales.

It has strengthened and greatly the entrance where they have accommodated the kids. Furthermore, the Panathinaikos players and the Fenerbahçe players maintained an intense dialogue with Ergin Ataman as the protagonist.

Illustrated spectators

The best balance on the continent is receding and many don’t want to get lost. Indeed, he saw the legendary Scottie Pippen, six-time NBA champion and Michael Jordan’s shield par excellence, near the Uber Arena.

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