Isaac’s clause will be even more present in the market

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Isaac Romero He celebrated together with his family and friends the three new campaigns signed as a sevillista, who could keep his signature in force until the coming time, in a familiar restaurant in the area of ​​Dos Hermanas. Until June 2028 and with a 30 million euro clause that he will sufferbetween three and five thousand in the summer market, according to ABC it is possible to advance. Nothing less. The Lebrijano culminated in this way one day in a row by having risen in the morning, he had attended to the sporting city José Ramón Cisneros Palacios to practice with the aim of following rowing his recovery and scenographing the renewal of the hand of the president of Sivillista, José María del Nido Carrasco, with signature and shirt by. The rector was además quien called him personally that day of black as the goal was an urgency to communicate to her that Fernando went up and that he entered with his card. He also had success with the official announcement of his renovation, where everything had good words of optimism and confidence in its planning. The thing was not so, because the quiso nervous club had a detail with various canteranos of the house who had had some participation with the first team and it was Isaac as the most experimental Cicerone of some of his companions of the Atlético of Seville such as Zarzana, Manu Bueno, Alberto Flores and Oso, among others, had been searching for what he himself had recorded consistently over time.

He sido the presidentprecisely, who has personally collected the negotiations so that the entity will lead to good luck between all parties, with that transfer by the futbolist in the economic, lejos de las pretensions iniciales, but as one of the first swords in the remodelación salary that you are coming home to the first plant, and that the club’s acceptance will take place a shorter time than expected, that Sevilla will need to secure it with at least 40 ‘kilos’ and that its light will continue until 2029. Isaac’s ambition , with the support of the entity at all times, was enough for the Sevilla to place in the confidence of one of the managers of the most important area and to see with this share the course that comes.

Agustin Lopez, general coordinator of the white team and one of the valedores of talent development, also collaborated in an operation that the sports commission followed the task at all times to never miss. I didn’t want to be the winner of Víctor Orta, who due to the logical needs of the guide is much more dependent on work to find the talent of Nervión who has to resolve these situations that those born are practically on their way like this. In the final meeting of this same week, which took place in the presence of the Madrid sports director, he learned of the reversal that the nerve players have made to give continuity to Lebrija’s point, happy and satisfied, in the same way that he is his family, of that for the definitive leap that I was so anxious about. And the stability it assumes for your future taking into account that you are 24 years old.


And now? This will happen in the Verano market now that Sevilla is talking about salary adjustments, the recovery of the model that they have triumphed over, and the economic difficulties with those that are important to figure out? Because Isaac’s name goes unequivocally in that escape, and you know that in Nervión the only path to triumph is the one to buy barato −free, almost, if there is one on the cantera model and you have minimized the training rights−, and sell dear to follow the choice of many pieces higher than the hour obtained. Isaac’s sheet in this recommendation is key, because the delantera sivillista of dear to 2024-25 is all incognito and Isaac asks the mayor to make sure that it is time, apart from what is happening with Mariano or Rafa Mir, both in the disparadero , but logically competence will make them grow. Nadie discards, yes, that the lebrijano can be the object of a possible transpaso, but what is guaranteed to Sevilla is that in the event that this happens, it will be for a very mayor film that what could have had cerrado hace días.

The absolute trust of Quique Sanchez Flores, who has stated that he will always be joined to the tip by an “umbilical cord”, has not done so much as to further refute the feeling of belonging of professionals, like En-Nesyri in his case, for his homonymous demarcation, hacia el humilde Sevillian attacker, who knows the days to want to wear the Seville shirt to give so much confidence. «Before the injury, he took part in a descanso with a thousand meters running at high intensity, a figure that is usually achieved in a whole part», reflected the sevillista technician, who will live this Sunday on a great journey before Barcelona. «If you play on his side, you can’t hide, you have to run».

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