What we know about the landslide in Papua New Guinea

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As of Tuesday, only six bodies had been recovered, according to a United Nations statement.

Additionally, more than 150 structures were damaged or buried, Booth said.

The landslide occurred in a remote but densely populated area that is part of the highlands of Papua New Guinea. A 2022 voter list estimated the region’s population at just under 4,000, though that didn’t take into account children or teenagers under 18, Booth said.

The population count was further complicated, he said, by tribal conflicts in the region, which led to the internal displacement of people.

Tensions between tribes have been rising for years, according to experts, who say scarcity of basic resources such as water and land has fueled the conflicts.

On Saturday morning, a tribal clash blocked access to the disaster site. Eight people died in the weekend clash and 30 homes were burned, according to the International Organization for Migration, a United Nations agency.

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